Morning Coffee

My mind awakens
Eyes still closed
The warmth of the sun
Knocking my doors
I muffle in my pillow
Fighting with the sleep
The alarm starts beeping
The traffic on roads seems to be increasing
Room service ring the bell
The paper boy will come today for his bill
Office , meeting , and an appointment tonight
So much to do in such little time!
Monday mornings are never good
I also got to prepare my food
Pressure starts building in my mind
Head filled with sounds reflecting inside
I finally stretch and jump out of my bed
Then go down and reach out for a mug
A pleasant aroma fills the room
With a gulp of this elixir ,all of it calms down
A sip of this mellow coffee is all it takes
To kick start the day and keep myself awake.


School days..

I miss those days

When I woke up early

To get ready fast and rush to the bus stop

I miss those days

When I was happy with ‘not’ getting a choice of dress

The blue and white  was routine, but more than enough

I miss those days

When  there were many dishes to eat other than my own tiffin box

Those days when lunchtime was something more than just having lunch

I miss those days

When classworks constituted of life learning lessons

Homeworks reminded about the classrooms smiles and stuff 

I miss those days

When recess started with a noise

And ended with the scene of teacher walking towards the class

I miss those days

When teachers scolded to shower their love

Parents-teacher’s meeting was two families getting together

I miss those days

When bell signified the time of day

And vacation ,the time of year.


Tired and lost
Wandering with the wind
A mirage appears 
Showing all i wanted
All i ever dreamt
With thirst, i run
But distance doesn’t dimish
Not losing hope, i keep moving
My thirst increases even more
But suddenly, all of it shatters
leaving nothing infront
Except the sand and cactuses
I realize im all alone
Nobody or nothing except the Hawks
What can be done should be done by me
Water was the only thing i wanted to see
Why did i even run in the first place?
May be walking could have helped me reached more?!
All said, all thought
I laid down waiting 
Waiting for it to rain in the desert




We have different roads

But we choose the one which is close to our heart

Route which we believe will help

Help us walk to our goals

May be it seems impassable

Less trodden with sharp bends everywhere

With ambivalence, you start forward

To keep moving and reach the very end

To taste the success and live with it

Rocks and stones on the way

Causing Bruises and blisters; everything that hurts

Every obstacle pulling you behind

Making your smooth road, long and tough

Everything seems to be falling apart

Taking you to a state of melancholy

Vibes, that your choice wasn’t right

Take a breath

Spend some time to think

Doubt if road taken was wrong?

But you liked the travel so long.

You didn’t reach your destination yet

But are you sure that you travelled enough?

May be you did put in extreme efforts

But you were destined for much more

You might feel defeated. Neglected.

A bricked wall blocking your way

No where you can go.

But crying near the wall isn’t a solution

Jump above! Climb up!

If the wall is built too high

Did you try a ladder?

Life is a surprise

And not knowing what you are going to get

Makes it only better at the end.



The Powercut

We experienced a  powercut yesterday.And by powercut I don’t just mean no lights and electronics, I mean having electronic devices like mobile in my hand but no WiFi connected to it. I spent for around 20-30 minutes walking around,staring at the stars,feeling the breeze.But later on I started checking my mobile inspite of not having any notification. I wasn’t alone.I had people around me  ,But I still kept checking for new statuses even when I knew there wouldn’t be any.I knew reading in dark hurts our eyes ,But I couldn’t stay away from using technology even in the dark.I’m was not the only one .Everyone around was doing something similar.The place remained not so noisy compared to how it should have been ideally.I then realized something .Humans developed technology to keep themselves together, To have a better communication, To stay in touch more often with their loved ones who stay far away.But the development has now landed  most of us at a stage where we are so obsessed with idea of communicating with those who are far ignoring them who are sitting next to us.

I’m not against technology but I’m against the way we are using it. Party around, take pictures! But do not party just to take pictures.I was a social media freak till yesterday, But now I’m trying to change. Trying to look at the world with my real eyes rather than some one else’s camera.Trying to use social media for what it was started.Trying to be more in the reality than virtual reality.All these things aren’t what we don’t know.We just don’t pay enough attention.So here’s a small try from my side to bring your focus on this topic.

Ignored Inventions

When we think about inventions, only scientists like Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison strike our mind. But there are many others who aren’t give much recognition in spite of their useful and cool inventions.

Yesterday ,I was  watching TV program about new gadgets and my mind suddenly drifted about inventions.  We all give a lot of importance to discoveries and new inventions but fail to recognize the developments made next. Every one of us know who invented telephone, But nobody spends time to know who further developed it to a cell phone or a smart phone. What if no one strived for an easier and convenient life? If every one of us were content with the invention of postcards, the idea of telephone would never emerge! And if everyone was content with the idea of landlines, May be we would not have cell phones and smart phones today. May be this whole platform of word press would not exist! Being a pioneer in a field is a great achievement, but the development process is an equally brainstorming task.

So I started thinking about things which fall under such category for a while and found few of them which we use regularly.Here’s a list of things I found:

Bubble gum:

Who knew that a small chewy substance would gain so much attention? Many of us bubblewould definitely like to have a piece of gum when we are tensed! The story dates back to 1928, Walter Diemer being the inventor. He said ‘It was an accident’. Whatever the reason was, I was a successful accident. We can never find a store without gum in it. And even today, blowing a big bubble without popping is something children brag about.


I first thing I do when I start traveling long distances is to make sure I have my headphones. Any journey you happen to go alone would be so boring without these pair of tiny buds of speakheaders ringing in our ears. These tiny little things had traveled a long way to become the ones we use today. Nathaniel Baldwin invented first headphones in 1910 in his kitchen and sent them to U.S. Navy for radio communication .In 1958  John C.Koss introduced Stereo phones, made for listening music.These were bulky too.In 1979,Sony came up with ‘Walkman’. It was the first time the world saw headphones so small.Once they were out,further developments took place to make them more clear and noise free.


Of course early man discovered fire by striking stones together. But how would it be if we had to find a pair of stones every time we need to cook something or light up a candle? . The first successful friction match was invented in 1826 by English chemist John Walker, a chemist and druggist. Thanks to him, we need not carry two heavy stones or wooden sticks accompanied with dry grass wherever we go.  

Cell phone:

Obviously I have been stating about it as example the whole time. So guess I need not explain about it further other than stating that cell phone was invented by Martin Cooper (Motorola). He is considered as the “father of cell phone” and his wife is known as” First lady of Wireless”



Cotton candy, smiley 🙂  ,ball point pens and every single invention is a result of some ones creativity and deserves recognition.Let me know your views and opinions in the comment section below. Also let me know if I missed something which should have been in the list.




Fidget Spinners

We all are hearing a lot about them these days. Don’t we? For those who never heard of them till now, it is a toy which is designed to spin and do nothing else. To sound technical, this is what a fidget spinner is according to Wikipedia:

“A fidget spinner is a toy  that consists of a bearing in the center of a multi-lobed flat structure made from metal or plastic designed to spin along its axis with little effort.”

Fidget spinners were designed around 20 years ago but have entered their lime light recently. It is the hottest toy at present. They are now available in a number of sizes and colors. Generally, the common fidget spinners available in market are the ones made of plastic with a combination of metal discs. But, there are fidget spinners made with different alloys and metals. There is even a pure gold fidget spinner!

gold spinner

Majority of the people are using fidget spinners to relieve stress and improve focus, concentration levels. The spinning of fidget spinner gives sensory pleasure which is believed to improve focus levels and is also being marketed as remedy for autism and ADHD. But there are also articles which strike off the purpose stating that all these health benefitting reasons are not proven and are just marketing strategies being used to improve their sales. They claim that fidget spinner is nothing other than a toy which of course helps people to quench their thirst of fidgeting. Fidget spinner cannot totally relieve stress but can act as a distraction instead .Many schools also found fidget spinner ‘annoying’ and  banned students from using them in school premises.

Fidget spinners remind me of the stress balls whose demand rose very quickly in the past. It had the same reason: It helps relieve stress. Some of the users found it really helpful while some found it to be just another toy.  It’s the same case even with fidget spinners: Some find it very useful while some did not.So we never know until we give it a try ourself. Irrespective of all these reasons, many kids and youngsters are purchasing it just because it’s in trend. Many apps have also been created to act as virtual fidget spinner. You can also access a virtual fidget spinner using Google. Just search for “spinner” in Google and the virtual spinner shows up. There are a lot of tricks in YouTube which you can try when you own one. So happy fidgeting!  : P